Two basic types of foam mattress

In the variety of mattresses, the foam mattress has to offer especially two types of mattress types.

One distinguishes between the cold foam mattress and the comfort foam mattress. They are both usually made of PU foam, but differ in terms of their manufacturing process.

Comforted mattress: high breathable activity for light people

To produce a mattress made of comfort foam, the polyurethane is first foamed and then cured under heat. The heat creates the open-pored structure that provides the breathability of this type of foam mattress. Their heat storage is worse than the cold foam mattresses. This has the advantage of not sweating so easily during the night. Typical of this type of foam mattress is that can be formed in the mattress by the permanent action of body weight cooling. For this reason, the variant with comfort foam is more suitable for light persons.

Cold-stick mattress: priced and comfortable

The cold foam mattress is foamed up in the block and does not have to be cured under the influence of heat, unlike the comfort foam model. The open-pore structure of the foam comes about through the so-called “crushing”, the breaking up of the individual cells in a rolling mill. The mattresses made of cold foam convince with high point elasticity.

This means that the cold foam mattress is very sensitive to the acting weight. Heavy body parts sink more than light ones. This stabilizes the whole body and is particularly important for the straight alignment of the spine during sleep. Differently pronounced zones contribute to a better body adaptation. These are added by cutting or machining techniques such as drilling or milling.

Well-being through the foam mattress

It is not always the factors that lead to personal well-being while lying down that can be determined by objective and therefore measurable criteria. The foam mattress – regardless of whether made of cold foam or comfort foam – scores with many users with a particularly high level of lying comfort. This can be explained mainly by the softness and point elasticity of foam mattresses. Even with this mattress type, the division into up to seven zones for ergonomics in sleep is now common.

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