The different types of mattresses:

If you have question, where do people buy mattresses then you must read the reviews of people on trusted reviews websites.

Once the needs of each of us have been verified, which will allow us not only to choose the most suitable mattress but also to exclude some models that are not suited to our needs. We need to understand what the market offers us.

Because there are many models of mattresses, made with many materials, each with its own characteristics that allow you to meet different needs.

Among the mattresses on the market, we find

Spring mattresses:

They consist of springs that support the body. There are two types of spring mattresses: the traditional spring mattress, and the one with pocket springs (independent).

Traditional spring mattresses:

It is the most seen mattress in our homes, it has the characteristic of allowing good internal ventilation, and of offering good support (in particular to the robust people).

For rest to be comfortable, the upper and lower parts of the mattress are covered with a cushioning and insulating layer that prevents the springs from coming into contact with the body.

Pocket spring mattresses:

The pocket spring mattress is the evolution of the classic orthopedic spring mattress. It has excellent ergonomic qualities and adapts to the body ensuring adequate anatomical support and complete muscle relaxation.

The pocket spring mattress is perfect for those who want a cozy, ergonomic mattress with medium or medium-high support and are ideal for those who want an “independent” sleep that does not affect their partner’s.

Memory mattresses:

The memory mattresses adapt to the shape of their body, ensuring an adaptation of the mattress to the body weight, and optimal support of the spine. The Memory mattress is sensitive to body temperature and gives a feeling of comfort and well-being facilitating the relaxation of the muscles eliminating contractions and tensions and the sense of fatigue Thanks to its ultra-breathable qualities this model of mattress creates a perfect microclimate, hostile to mites and powder.

Latex mattresses:

Latex mattresses have an optimal contact surface thanks to their high elasticity and perfect adaptation to the body. They facilitate muscle relaxation and blood circulation. They also offer a great benefit to the spine that maintains a correct line during sleep.

They are hypoallergenic and ecological and have bactericidal, germicidal and fungicidal properties.