Pocket spring mattresses and Memory: the new frontier of rest:

The memory pocket spring mattress is among the most loved by people around the world. But to whom is it suitable? Here is the purchase guide.

The memory pocket spring mattress has a structure composed of pocket springs independent of each other and is equipped with a memory foam layer, placed in the surface area or inside the structure.

But what are the differences between pocket springs memory mattress and the other models on the market? The traditional spring mattress does not adapt to the shape of the body and therefore may not always be comfortable. The memory foam mattresses without springs instead have the advantage of following the lines of the body of those who use it, however, they do not always offer adequate support.

The memory spring pocket mattress is instead able to combine the merits of both models: given its characteristics, it is ideal for those who want a mattress that gives support to the body, but at the same time guarantees comfort and relaxation typical of the memory models.

Disadvantages of unpacked spring mattresses:

Non-pocketed spring mattresses have a structure composed of steel or iron spirals intertwined and joined by hooks, placed under the quilted cover and the lining.

The disadvantage of this product is that the weight cannot be distributed equally. In fact, when a point on the surface is compressed, as a consequence all the springs of the structure are compressed because they are all tied together.

This aspect prevents the correct distribution of body weight. The compression of all the springs prevents the head, pelvis, and shoulders from being adequately supported, bringing the vertebral column and the neck to curve. As a consequence, those who sleep on a mattress with non-pocket springs have the tendency to wake up with back pains and feel the joints (especially the legs) heavy in the morning, due to the prolonged accumulation of blood in certain parts of the body.

Another disadvantage of non-pocket spring mattresses is that in the long run, the intertwining of springs loses strength, leading to the appearance of sinkings in the bed.

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